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Client Survey: 100% Improvement

In a recent survey of Elevate Pilates clients, 100% reported increases in their

  • Core Connections

  • Core Strength

  • Body Awareness

  • Reduced Tightness

  • Alignment

  • Ease of Movement

100% reported not just an increase, but significant improvements in at least four of the above areas.

Bye Bye Diastasis Recti

Post-Birth Mothers who came to us with Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) were able to mend their separation, restore core connections and strength. Many reported being stronger than they were before pregnancy and birthing children.

100% of post-birth moms who completed our Diastasis Recti Recovery Program were able to mend their abdominal separation, address alignment issues, redevelop core connections and strengthen their full Powerhouse (core and pelvic floor included). All were able to confidently return to their active lifestyles and fitness routines.

Bye Bye Pain

Clients who came to us with pain issues (back, hip, shoulder) experienced a significant pain reduction, both in the morning and throughout the day. Many were able to even stop using over the counter pain medications. As a result their energy levels went up and sleep improved.

Hello Clarity and Calm

Pilates is a body-mind practice that develops concentration and mental clarity along with physical strength and stretch. Mothers who encounter the difficulties of postpartum anxiety shared how the Pilates exercises have become a key part of their strategies and support for navigating their anxiety.

Just this week a mom said this

"I feel better after Pilates than after a massage!"

100% of clients reported complete satisfaction with their rate of progress and our Certified Trainer's ability to help them reach their desired goals. This is also reflected in 100% of clients desiring to refer their friends and family to Elevate Pilates.

At Elevate Pilates we are so thankful for each client who has trusted us to support their needs and help them reach their goals. Read more at Real Results where our clients articulate these important changes their own words.

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