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Bedtime: Falling Apart No More

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Before COVID-19 the space between kid's bedtime and parent's bedtime was a sacred space where we had a moment to ourselves or time to connect with our spouse.

Now it has become when the tidal waves of anxiety, grief, and stress come crashing down upon us physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Our bodies ache, our minds scatter, our hearts sink, our spirit wishes for hope.

All the effort we have given to "holding it together" all day with work and/or kids we easily find ourselves falling apart when facing our own bedtime.

What can be done about this?

What if we had support to reclaim this sacred time for tending to our physical and soulful resiliency? How would we navigate being homebound differently?

In response to the unique challenges of COVID-19, I am hosting a series of live mini online group sessions via zoom to help us cultivate




A time to gather in community and calmly center ourselves.

Just 20 minutes at the end of the day.

Each series of mini sessions includes one session a week, for 3-5 weeks. Body awareness and contemplative movement will happen in lieu of active fitness. Movements will include foundational Pilates exercises and gentle stretching.


** In recognition of the financial challenges families are facing due to COVID-19, I am offering each series at a significant discount (67%off).

** Plus an Extra Bonus! You only need one registration per household. This gives you the option of participating solo or as a couple. (or with kids if they are still up!)

Click the links to learn more

Session times are Central Standard Time

Upcoming Series

Sunday Series at 8:30pm - body, mind, heart, Jesus

Dannell Shu is a Certified Pilates Trainer who is known for helping people build physical and soulful resiliency through the body-mind practice of Pilates. She specializes in working with post-birth moms, active grandmothers, grief and people who are tired of living in physical pain. Dannell knows well the experience of living homebound and social distancing. For 7 years she navigated this terrain in her role as a family caregiver.

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