Support for Moms with
Mental Health Needs

“Pilates is the complete coordination of mind, body, and spirit."   

      Joe Pilates

"The acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm, and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors."   Joe Pilates

Soulful Resilience


  Mental Health Resilience for Moms

  • Improved body awareness

  • Greater presence of mind with oneself and others

  • Techniques for calming the mind

  • Techniques for connecting with your body

  • Attentive listening for your body's "warning signs"

  • Mental clarity

  • Discernment

  Physical Resilience for Moms

  • Decreased back / hip / shoulder pain

  • Improved sleep and energy levels

  • Mending diastasis recti

  • Resolving incontinence

  • Greater physical integration

      with body/mind connections

  • Improved core strength

  • Functional alignment

  • Building trust within your body


Experiencing any of the following post-birth?




Invasive thoughts

Body-mind disconnect

Extensive fatigue

Lack of resiliency

Child loss


At Elevate Pilates we are committed to helping mothers build soulful resilience through the body-mind practice of Pilates.


As an Integrative Provider for Pregnancy Postpartum Support Minnesota (PPSM), and Childbirth Collective Member, Elevate Pilates is trained to support Moms with mental health needs and coordinate services with your Mental Health Provider.


"In experiencing postpartum anxiety, Pilates has been such an  enormous blessing. It gives me something to do for myself every week. It is where I learn great strategies for how to handle moments of panic."    Mama E

What We Do

In-Person Sessions

Due to Covid, all in-person sessions have become Online 1:1 Private Pilates sessions.  We look forward to resuming In-Person sessions when it is safe for everyone.

Online 1:1 Sessions

Ideal for moms who work from home, have limited childcare, or live outside Twin Cities metro

Includes a customized home program allowing for integrated support while navigating mothering


Beyond Pilates


Elevate Pilates also has personal motherhood experience with:

  • Birth trauma

  • Neonatal ICU

  • Pediatric palliative care

  • Newborn medical complexities

  • Diagnosis of uncertainty

  • Running an in-home ICU

  • Hospice care for children

  • Child loss & grief



"The acquirement and enjoyment of

physical well-being, mental calm, and spiritual peace

are priceless to their possessors."   Joe Pilates

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