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Pregnant mom laying on Pilates mat
Pg Moms
Pilates for Pregnant Moms

“Change happens through movement and movement heals."   Joe Pilates

Experiencing This?

Back pain

Weak core

Low energy

Joint pain


Diastasis Recti

Feeling lop-sided

Pelvic floor weakness

Mental Health challenges

Welcome, you are not alone.

Elevate Pilates is here to help

  • Certified Pilates Trainer

  • PPSM Integrative Provider

  • First-hand Experience


for a movement plan that's

  • Safe

  • Gentle

  • Effective

  • Proven

  • Thoughtful

  • Non-invasive

  • Holistic

  • Works with natural design of your body

  • Integrated into motherhood

Smiling pregnant mom looking at smiling daughter as they put hands on mom's pregnant belly.

We Can Help

bring meaningful help

  • Alleviate back pain

  • Resolve incontinence

  • Reduce diastasis recti 

  • Redevelop your pelvic floor

  • Strengthen 360 core muscles

  • Rebalance skeletal alignment

  • Retrain your mind-body connections

  • Boost stamina & mental clarity

  • Support a healthy pregnancy

  • Prepare body for birth

Pg Can Help
What We Do

In-Person Sessions

Ideal for moms who need to step away from the home setting to focus their attention or who prefer hands-on guidance with movement engagement and exercise.

A very limited number of in-person sessions are available. Be the first to know about open spots and opportunities.

Online 1:1 Pilates

Ideal for moms who work from home, juggling childcare, or live outside Twin Cities metro

Includes a customized home program allowing for integrated support while navigating mothering

Pg What we do
Pg Moms Say

Moms Say

"After 3 babies I lost so much strength in my core. Everything I tried didn’t seem to help or made matters worst. Working with Dannell has giving me back hope that I can once again have strong abdominal muscles. I was amazed at how hard these little movements where & even more at how effective they where."

"My 2nd pregnancy and recovery have gone so much smoother and a lot of that is due to private Pilates with Dannell.  The support and accountability have helped tremendously in all aspects of birth and recovery."

"I am amazed at how Dannell can see such specific details via Zoom. It is as good as being in person."

"In each session, Dannell is fantastic at meeting me where I am at."

newborn baby laying next to smiling toddler older sister

Moms Say

"Dannell takes the time to really show you how to do the exercises properly and effectively."

"Having someone who has both the physical and mental knowledge to guide me through all aspects of my 2nd pregnancy has made a huge difference. I consider Dannell and overall wellness coach."

"For someone who does a lot of different exercise classes and workout routines, this was my first crack at Pilates. I loved how it was gentle on my joints and how strong my core felt after each session. I left feeling strong, confident and excited for the next session!"

What to Expect: Private Sessions


  • Email to request a Free 20-minute Core Consult call

  If Pilates is the right next step for you then we will take these next steps:

  • Schedule Initial Session

  • Complete digital Intake Packet

Initial Session

  • 90 minute private session

  • Birth & Health Review

  • Assessments

    • Diastasis Recti​

    • Critical Connections

  • Goals Discussion

  • Consultation

  • Establish Recovery Plan

    • Private Sessions​

    • Home Program

Home Program

  • Pilates exercises selected to meet your needs and motherhood-realities

  • Effective, safe, low-repetition movements

  • 10-20 minute mat 

  • Daily Integrations bring Pilates principles off the mat and into life

  • Recover while you Mother

Follow-up Sessions

 25 minute sessions

  • focus on Recovery Plan & what your body needs that day. 

 50 minute sessions

  • focus on Recovery Plan & Home Program progress

  • Warm accountability with individual feedback for advancement

  • Updated Home Program

 All Sessions

  • Customized, Real-Time Coaching along a Guided Path

What to Expect

Why Real Support Matters

Pregnancy and birthing change our abdominal core and pelvic floor. In ways we never expected, never thought possible. And it happens differently with each pregnancy.

We get so busy tending to our children, it can become easy to forget about ourselves.

When we don't invest in strengthening our core, back pain can becomes our new normal. This impacts how we feel about our body and can increase anxiety about birthing.

When we don't tend to our pelvic floor incontinence  gets in the way of being our active-selves in pregnancy. 

When we don't take the time to proactively attend to our alignment, we give way to the inherent  misalignments of pregnancy: sway back, rounded shoulders, forward head. All diminish ease of movement and impact birth.

Even during pregnancy, you don't need to get stuck in these patterns. Pain, achy muscles, incontinence, anxiety and discomfort do not have to become your pregnancy norms. 

Working with the natural design of the body, from deep core muscles, using classic Pilates exercises, Elevate Pilates will help you experience a more joyful pregnancy in body, mind and heart. This prepares you more deeply for birth and sets you up for less complications postpartum.

We take the time to get to know you as a human being and customize your Home Program to support exactly what you need this week. We stand with you in the hard moments and celebrate your joys.

Motherhood Unhindered

Pg Support

Meet Dannell

Dannell Shu is a Certified Pilates Trainer known as a strategic educator who inspires people to live engaged lives through soulful resilience. She is an insightful listener and coach who motivates students to physically engage with clear and focused attention. 

A Post-Birth Specialist, Dannell is trained to work with pregnant and post-birth moms. She also has personal experience using Pilates for mending Diastasis Recti, post-birth recovery, bereavement, and more.

An Integrative Provider with Pregnancy and Postpartum Support MN (PPSM), Dannell is the first movement specialist to be included in this vetted list of providers who are trained to support moms with mental health needs. 

A veteran professional dancer, Dannell holds a BFA in Dance, a Masters in Christian Worship Studies, an expansive somatic movement training, and a professional dance career spanning two decades.


Mother of two boys; one on earth, one in heaven.

About Us
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