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Pilates for Active Grandparents

Growing older changes our abdominal core and pelvic floor. In ways we never expected, never thought possible. Gravity begins to have its way on our muscles, alignment, balance and breathing.

When we get so busy tending to others, it can become easy to forget about ourselves.

When we don't invest in wisely strengthening our core, back pain can becomes our new normal.

When we don't develop our pelvic floor incontinence or organ prolapse gets in the way of playing fully with our grandchildren and being our active-selves.

When we don't take the time to discover ease of movement and re-align our skeleton we get stuck in stability / mobility imbalances that lead to long term challenges for our health.

When we don't learn how to lengthen our spine and breathe from our diaphragm we lessen our body's access to oxygen which decreases our brain activity.

You don't need to get stuck in these "new normals" now or ever. There is still much life to be lived.

You need personalized support to discover new possibilities within your body.

What worked for your body 5, 10, 20 years ago is no longer helpful. You need ways of moving that free you from pain, stiffness, and fatigue.​

As the first mind-body therapy, Pilates concentrates the mind, develops the body, and elevates the soul. It works with the natural design of the body, from deep core muscles, using a specific sequence of classic Pilates exercises.

Elevate Pilates gracefully engages your body with low-impact movements to effectively strengthen, lengthen, and align you for your greater purpose in life.

We call this Soulful Resilience.

Real Results - What our Active Senior clients are saying

"The pain and stiffness I used to live with is gone."

"Before Elevate Pilates I saw a chiropractor weekly for increasing shoulder pain. It was a big stretch to go two weeks. Thanks to Dannell I have had stretches up to seven weeks without needing to see the chiropractor. The pain is now rare and much less."

"I recommend Dannell to anyone. She is positive, affirming and knows what she is doing!"

"Pilates with Dannell is body mentoring. I learn what my body needs and how to wisely use my body so I can age well. Her ability to meet my needs as they change is what makes this so effective."

Please note, I am not a doctor. This article is for purposes of information, not intended to be medical advice.

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