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Six Important Ways Posture Makes Life Easier

So often people reach out to us when their thresholds of pain and stiffness have gotten too high. They feel depleted and are quietly afraid this life of pain is their new normal.


Imbalanced posture is a common underlying challenge that is quietly stealing precious energy and resources.

Training people how to detect, support, and maintain balanced posture is a key focus within Pilates and improving many important aspects of life and wellbeing.

Reduced Pain and Tension

When joints are in alignment they function as designed, with greater ease and mobility. Patterns of muscular tension left uncared for can develop into pain and increased stress on the joints.

Ease of Movement

With proper alignment the body can more easily navigate the forces of gravity. Be it shifting weight from one leg to the next in walking and running, to reaching forward while swinging a pickleball paddle.

Spinal Health

"You are only as young as your spine!" Joseph Pilates believed spinal mobility was the key to health and longevity. Spines that move with ease and are well articulated are a more true of a determination of your health than your age.

More Oxygen

An aligned spine improves breathing and allows for more oxygen intake with each inhale and more release of CO2 with each exhale. Oxygen is key to energy, circulation, injury / illness recovery, and brain function.

Muscular Balance

Balanced muscular strength and flexibility is essential for maintaining proper alignment. All muscles are designed to expand and contract and have corresponding relationships with other muscles. Overworked / underdeveloped muscles are a common cause of misalignments throughout the body. This in turn increases the risk of injury.

Mental Health

Good alignment has been shown to boost confidence, balance stress response hormones, and support a positive mindset.

Body Awareness

Understanding the language of the body, its sensations and cues, is key to knowing how to make body-wise choices in the day to day rhythms of life. This develops from engaging in the process of improving alignment and muscular balance.

Consider for a moment how an improvement in one or more of these ways would impact how your body functions and experiences life. The good news: improved alignment will deliver all of these benefits!

At Elevate Pilates we enjoy training people how to detect, support and maintain good posture for their unique body.


We offer a free 20 minute consult. It's an opportunity to ask questions and discover more about how improving your posture will improve your life, now and in the years to come.

Send an email to with the subject "Free Consult"

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