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“The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body not at its mercy.”

                                                                                                                 Joe Pilates

You have worked hard to be successful. Yet the one sided nature of sports and repetitive movement creates limitations through imbalances in the body and mind. The development of deep core strength, flexibility, agility, and alignment is required for you to reach your next goal.

Classic Pilates is your


active recovery

injury prevention


We help Athletes 

reduce back pain

prevent injury

run & skate faster

jump higher

hit, shoot, kick farther

develop core 360 muscles

maximize stability for flexibility

correct imbalances and breathing

boost stamina and endurance

promote longevity

Dance Music

We help Musicians & Dancers

refine precise movement

boost stamina and endurance

advance mind-body-spirit connections

correct imbalances and breathing

alleviate back pain

prevent injuries

promote longevity

deepen mental concentration and clarity

expand physical skills

Elevate Pilates offers first-hand experience 

After years of rigorous dance training, Dannell was introduced to Pilates and it's ability to boost skills, endurance, and reach performance goals. In two short months, through twice weekly mat and reformer exercises, Dannell's dancing exponentially increased: stamina, mental clarity, physical strength, agility, and range of motion.


Dannell Shu is a Certified Pilates Trainer known as a strategic educator who inspires people to live engaged lives through soulful resilience. She is an insightful listener and coach who motivates students to physically engage with clear and focused attention. As a veteran movement teacher, her attention to detail challenges students to work hard and be courageous. 


She holds a BFA in Dance, Masters in Christian Worship Studies, has expansive somatic movement training, and a 20 year injury-free professional dance career. She is a Mama to two boys; one on earth, one in heaven.


Elevate Pilates will

give you the courage to work toward meaningful goals with congruence of body, mind, and spirit.

identify and correct the imbalances that are impeding your ability to reach your next level of success.

Private Reformer Sessions are recommended for individual Athletes, Musicians, and Dancers. These sessions include classic Pilates reformer, mat, and tower exercises designed to meet your unique needs.

Group Mat Classes can be designed to fit the specific needs of athletic teams and dance / music ensembles. Contact Elevate Pilates for a free consultation of your team's needs and how Pilates can best fit into your strategy.

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