Online 1:1 Live Pilates

Cultivating Physical & Soulful Resiliency from Home or on the Go

Personalized Training

Private Pilates sessions are available live via online platforms. Offering the same warm hospitality and targeted coaching as our in-person private sessions.

You receive consistent support and maximize growth toward your goals, no matter what life throws you.  Sick kids. Cancelled childcare. Travel. Relocation. COVID-19. We help you to be physically and soulfully resilient through it all.

What to Expect: Online Sessions


  • Schedule New Client Initial Assessment 

  • Complete Intro Packet & submit online

  • Receive private Zoom link via email

Initial Assessment

  • 50 minute private session

  • Health History, Birth Review

  • Assessments

    • Diastasis Recti​

    • Critical Connections

    • Core Score

  • Goals Discussion

  • Consultation

  • Establish Recovery Plan

    • Private Sessions​

    • Home Program

Online 1:1 Live

  • Pilates exercises selected to meet your needs, goals, and real-life context

  • Effective, targeted, low-repetition movements

  • 10-20 minute program

  • Mat Exercises & Daily Integrations

  • Updated with each Online 1:1 Live Pilates session

  • 50 minute session

  • Pilates mat exercises

  • Warm accountability with individual feedback for advancement

  • Updated Home Program with practical teaching for implementation

  • Customized, Real-Time Coaching along a Guided Path

Home Program

Real Time Workout

"I have seen Dannell in person for over a year. When childcare cancelled last minute she suggested we try an Online 1:1 session. I was skeptical and curious, now I'm all in! Dannell's real-time feedback is excellent and it was a great workout. Just what this mama needed!"

Bye Bye Pain

"My low back pain has noticeably improved. This Pilates instruction has made a HUGE difference in how I feel, work, and live this year. Thank you."

Personalized Attention

"Dannell is a wonderful Pilates trainer. She tailors the session to my needs. She is great at guiding me to get the most from each move. It has only been a month, I already feel the difference in my body strength and body awareness."

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Private Sessions

     Post-Birth Recovery

    Addressing Pain Issues

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Scheduled directly with Dannell

All sessions will be Online via Zoom during COVID-19

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